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About Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris is an expert in body mechanics, low back pain, migraines, healing past injuries, hormone imbalances, and gut issues. His passion, however, is helping women, especially mothers, manage the stresses of everyday life..

"Chiropractic care offers real relief for people of all ages. Chiropractic works so long as I listen to my patients, truly care for their conditions, and trust God to use me as a tool of healing and care for those I serve". -Dr. Chris Hussey

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Dr. Chris is a devoted healer who cares deeply about his patients.  What sets him apart from other doctors, besides his goofy sense of humor and pretty good singing voice, is the time he spends with every person who walks through our doors.  He’s committed to get to know every one of them, not just as patients, but as individuals. He’s convinced, and study after study has proven him right, that only by knowing someone in-depth can you really give them the healing and care they need to become happier and healthier people.  And, in the end, that’s what we’re here for…to make you better, to make you well.


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